The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Allied Sciences (FECAS) has been established as a pace-setter institution in Ghana to provide high quality and integrated ICT-based university education, having in mind the developmental and technological needs of the African continent.

Regent sees the study of the structure, behaviour, and the interactions of both natural and artificial computational systems as a discipline critical to the future development of science, technology and society.

In our fast-moving technology oriented world, the discipline of computer science in its various facets, is affecting every aspect of human endeavour. To reflect the ever-changing nature of computer science and its close interaction with other disciplines, the curriculum of the FECAS has taken into consideration broad range of programmes and disciplines.


Undergraduate Programmes

Regent Ghana’s undergraduate degree programmes are designed to achieve balance between theoretical knowledge gained through lectures and practical knowledge acquired through hands-on experience. An overview of our undergraduate programmes can be found below.

The following are the departments under this school and the undergraduate degree programmes they each offer: 


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