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As the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Allied Sciences (FECAS), I have the pleasure and privilege of leading the School of this great institution on its journey to pre-eminence.

If you've been to all our satellite campuses lately, you’ve surely noticed our desire to build our main campus, and hence the need to take certain pragmatic measures towards realizing this goal. Our recent vacation of the City Campus on the Graphic Road, has been one of such measures taken. The new structures currently at our main campus at McCarthy Hill are just bricks-and-mortar manifestation of our vision to concentrate all administrative and academic activities on one campus, and to further strengthen our already superior informatics and engineering programmes to be the best in the country.

Our new Faculty members also form a highly visible sign of our vision and growth. In the past two years, we’ve filled a considerable number of faculty positions with a very strong cadre of accomplished academics, trained in some of the most reputable ivy league schools in the United States and Europe.

The Regent School of Informatics and Engineering’s journey to preeminence reflects remarkable progress, being evident in the University ranking  number 3  two years ago by the “Webometrics Ranking of World Universities. Propelled by our successes so far, and guided by an ambitious strategic plan, we are pushing forward with key priorities: to leverage our strength in undergraduate education, to further expand and strengthen our Faculty, to increase our excellence in research, to improve the quality and competitiveness of our graduate programmes, to complete the improvements to our facilities and environment, and to continue our deep commitment to increasing diversity among our student body and faculty.

Why? Because in achieving these goals, FECAS makes a visible difference. I am delighted in leading a school that educates and brings the best minds to bear on a number of our nation’s most pressing challenges, creating solutions that contribute to society’s prosperity and well-being. That is the ultimate goal.

It’s my privilege and honour to work with the FECAS Leadership Team, as well as all the outstanding faculty and staff associated with FECAS, as we go forward.

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